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Astrology: Your Personal Guide to Planets and Possibilities


Hippocrates wrote,
"physician without the knowledge of astrology had better call himself a fool rather than a physician!"

Nicholas Culpeper similarly said,
"A physic without astrology is like a lamp without oil".

I like this last one most as it refers to light, which is how I find astrology works.

Please note that whilst we make every effort to ensure that both the interpretation and the accuracy of data contained in birthcharts, we cannot be held responsible for matters arising from errors or omissions that may occur due to inaccurate information provided to us.

Astrology is both an art and a science.

We usually associate astrology with horoscopes that appear in newspapers and magazines, but these are based only on our sun sign.

There are twelve signs of the Zodiac, with a number of associated planets. These planets create aspects with each other which, according to mathematical calculations, can then be categorised for interpretation.

The birth chart is a map of where the planets were in the zodiac at the time of our birth.

We are an electro-magnetic imprint of this configuration which remains with us at all times and interacts with the occurrences in our lives on a constant basis. This imprint interfaces with the movement of the planets over our entire lifetime.

Our birthchart is divided up into the twelve divisions of the horoscope and the positions of the planets are plotted amongst these areas.

The planets create an imprint allowing the meaning to be interpreted with knowledge of the astrologer. There are: Personal Planets, Growth or Maturing Planets, and the outer, Generational Planets. The patterns tell a story all of their own.

Personal Planets give us our personality traits, which can be developed. Personal growth is required for true Spiritual Development.

Then there are the added delights of the lessons from the planets which apply to a whole generation. These lessons have personal connotations for us revealed by their position in our chart and their relationship to other planets and houses.

The sum total of all this, is a unique individual interaction with the universe.

There is constant opportunity for change and growth, how that can be best achieved will be revealed by a study of the natal birthchart combined with the subsequent casting of influencing issues. Once you are in possession of the facts, only then can you make wise decisions.

Your birth chart is an entity which contains energy and the Laws of Physics tell us that; "Energy can be neither created nor destroyed", which means that you will always have your own energy resource to draw on.

What varies is your understanding and ability to use that energy. Whilst you have choice and can exercise that choice, it is always better to have an informed choice. An acquired knowledge of your whole possible personality gives you that ability. Astrology allows you to get your life in context.

Astrology Services

You can have any one of these products or any mixture of your choice.


Birthchart with CD Hand drawn Birthchart with CD

Computer generated birthchart with CD Computer generated birthchart with CD

Your Birthchart is a magnetic imprint of the planetsā °osition at the time of your birth. The Birthchart reveals details of personality, soul purpose, life purpose and destiny. Many details of past lives will be revealed by a study of your birthchart which will unlock the door to self knowledge.


This is a table of dates revealing the passage of planets within the zodiac aspecting and triggering your own natal planets. A transit report is a necessary annual requirement in order to increase self awareness and to provide clarity of focus. It is also useful to include progressions as these reveal the hidden agenda of your life plan.


The study of relationships can be easily accessed by the analysing the information provided by two people's charts. This will reveal compatibility along with the strengths and inherent weaknesses of relationships. This is not just confined to romantic relations; it is also a very valuable tool for providing understanding within families, business transactions and friendships. It is also possible to draw up a chart of the relationship itself as a separate entity. The relationship has an impact on both people involved.

Soul and Life Purpose

Would you like to know about your Soul and Life purpose? Progressions and the relevant Sabian Symbols will help here.

For a new born baby

A gift of a hand drawn and framed birthchart with a brief life path and character guide for a new born baby...a lifetime of possibility and opportunity for healthy growth and exploring relationships...

A Birthday or Anniversary Gift ?

A hand drawn and framed birthchart is a fascinating and unique gift for friends or family members, especially at birthdays and anniversaries. I can also provide an hororary chart for events such as a wedding or the commencement of a new business venture.

Please contact me: I will advise on the service best suited to your needs.

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