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Crystal Energy Therapy

According to Fritjof's Capra Theory "We know that all matter is a whirling mass of movement whose rhythmic patterns are determined by molecular, atomic and nuclear structures". The atom is itself no more than the area of space wherein electrical forces establish the nature of the nucleus and its electrons.

The Newgrange Megalithic Passage Tomb in Ireland.

With the atom and its associated electrons in balance matter remains stable and in many cases highly durable; rather like the huge stone in the picture opposite.

However, if the atomic structure becomes unbalanced or damaged disintegration can occur and in our bodies illness and disease arises from an imbalance of our emotional, physical or spiritual elements.

Natural Green Citrine

In skilled hands Crystal energy can be employed to restore balance and return our bodies to normal operation. We have in fact an optimum level of balance and we know when we have achieved it because we quite simply, "feel good". This feel good factor tells us when we are in balance, conversely it also raises the alarm when we are not thus in reality we have our own "early warning system". We can acquire the good habit of listening to and acting on the information which this system provides. A crystal healing will facilitate this, conferring a change in state, and a realignment.

It may be the problem is that of overwork or some body systems have been misfiring. A crystal healing will either energise or bring calm, whatever your need may be.

Crystal Essence

During this process selected crystals are first cleansed and then given the intention of bringing about a healing. They can through the charge they hold alter our energetic state if it is misfiring or malfunctioning, that is, bring us back into balance.

It is of course optimum balance we are seeking and regular healing will support your system well. One healing may facilitate a change, but regular servicing is called for to maintain a state of ease.

I have a collection of crystals which I keep energised and charged, ready for healing. As we are unique individuals, so are crystals, each is given intention and programmed for the work they are to undertake.

It will be necessary to take a case history so that I can identify the root cause of the presenting disease.

It is highly likely that I will also recommend you to choose some personal crystals to help create an enduring state of ease and these will help you to continue to progress.


I will, in consultation with my guide Merryll and my client, choose some crystals and use them in a layout either on you or around you while you lie on a healing couch.

This may take up to an hour and is a profound experience.

We can address acute and more chronic states of malfunction during this time and so I will use varying layouts here.

I love working with my crystals and you will take some of that away with you for yourself and to share with others.

Crystals on a birth chart

Wearing a crystal pendant that resonates with a physical condition can also gently ameliorate the condition.

Crystals that emanate specific colour frequencies can also be used for chakra healing.

Crystals can also be programmed to work remotely. I use a number of methods, for example a crystal layout may be given intention and placed upon a clientâ³ photograph or birthchart.

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