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The e-Lybra Energy Therapy System

Auric Field

Surrounding our bodies we each have an electro magnetic energy field usually referred to as the "Aura".

This field may be described as our bio-energetic blue-print containing information relating to our physical, mental and emotional systems. Trauma that upsets the smooth running of these bodily structures can cause our health to deteriorate.

Cutting edge scientific instruments such as the e-Lybra® can decipher, measure and balance fluctuations within this bio-energetic field, (or bio-field as it is usually termed) and thus help our physical bodies achieve a state of balance and wellbeing. This process may be fully described as "Bio-resonant Energy Therapy".

We have been working with our e-Lybra systems since early 2007 and have gained considerable experience with this type of energy therapy.

The System is designed to analyse imbalances in the client's bio-field and at the same time produces bio-resonance patterns that harmonise the imbalances found.

The e-Lybra 9 System and e capsule

The system has been contributed to by many eminent Physicians and is effective for both acute and chronic conditions. The software monitors 222 categories, comprising approximately 300000 bio-resonance patterns including: homoeopathic remedies, nutritional support and dietary supplements, flower essences, ayurvedic herbs, anatomy and physiology, geopathic stresses, essential oils and possible environmental toxic substances in order to produce a comprehensive body status profile.

Where the client is present during a session, the bio-resonant patterns are transmitted from the e-Lybra via wrist bands, that are thus in contact with the Client's bio- field.

eLybra system with client linked

Where the client is not present the design of e-Lybra incorporates what is best described as 'a bridge to consciousness' with the client; allowing the system to perform powerful energy balancing at a distance. To make this 'bridge' as strong as possible the e-Lybra provides a function to analyse a bio sample (normally a hair sample) of the client which is analysed electronically, thus creating a resonant signature of the hair sample. This signature is then retained by the system as part of the client record.

This creates an electromagnetic field and a unique connection with the client which is then sampled and the information is stored on the e-Lybra system. When the client is being balanced remotely, the stored 'connection' is used in the circuitry to receive information from the client as well as to send patterns across the quantum bridge.

e-Pendant and e-Pebble

We work with clients all over the world, it matters not where on the Earth you are, the e-Lybra does not respect distance. The e-Capsule (shown above) together with the new e-Pendant and e-Pebble are used to support and amplify distant healing.

During a healing session the client may carry the e-Capsule, e-Pendant or e-Pebble in the pocket, hold in the hand, or it may be placed under the pillow at night. They work best when within about 3 inches (75mm) of the body. The e-Pendant can also be worn around the neck.

In either case, the client is, in effect, in circuit with themselves as they respond to the patterns and the subsequent vibrational changes. As the machine scans and balances your body and its subtle energy fields it assists with correcting imbalances and so allows you to experience self-healing from the subsequently released energy flow.

While a client is receiving an e-Lybra healing, I may combine some other therapies as this tends to increase their effectiveness. The benefits have to be experienced to be believed; you will receive a healing like no other!

The results of the session are recorded on a laptop which runs the e-Lybra programme and the information may be reviewed with the client so as to achieve a detailed understanding of the process and outcomes achieved.

Results have proved highly satisfactory for many clients exhibiting a wide range of conditions; see the testimonials page under the 'about us' button.

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