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Earth Energy & Geopathic Stress

Dealing with Energy Grids and Interference Zones

The Earth is encompassed by a number of energy grid systems that can be thought of as a series of webs. They are caused or influenced by certain factors including - electrical and magnetic energy variations due to fluctuations within the Earth's iron core, and gravitational forces due to interplanetary activity.

Energy Grid Lines

These energy grids generally operate through certain geometrical patterns that follow a specific symmetry. Some have been named after those who discovered them and they include, Curry Lines, Hartmann Lines, Ley Lines and Black Lines.

Naturally occurring Schumann waves are also relevant here. They are electromagnetic waves that oscillate between the Earth and certain layers of the atmosphere.

Much has been written about these waves and energy patterns so they need not be dealt with here. For those interested in further information we suggest Wikipedia is as good a source as any.

As we walk the surface of our planet we are constantly exposed to these energy grids and waves and it is perhaps not at all surprising to hear that these energy "fields" do, to a greater or lesser extent, affect us all. Albert Einstein described their powerful influence on us when he wrote, "The field is the sole governing agency of the particle." Since Einstein uses the term particle to represent "matter", he is thus acknowledging that the field controls our physical reality.

Energy grids through out houses

I worked as an Engineer for thirty years. Much of my work involved the conversion of one form of energy into another. With the benefit of hindsight I realise that had I taken the time to investigate the more subtle forms of energy and their effect on buildings as well as individuals I might have been able to help many who have suffered needlessly for years.

The ᤩscovery⠴hat I describe here happened mainly through intuition and insight rather than any great in depth knowledge on my part at the time. The results are however quite enlightening and have been thoroughly tested.

Have you ever entered a property or a room in which you have felt uncomfortable? This may have been felt as a sensation at the top of the spine, feeling a little nauseous, developing a ᰲessure headache⠯r that you have encountered an area in which the temperature appears to fall quite noticeably. This will almost certainly have been as a result of you entering a discordant energy field or "interference zone" with which your body has resonated. When you leave the room or building you immediately begin to feel more comfortable.

In most cases we would probably choose to avoid such areas as far as possible and get on with our lives.

These "interference zones" exist due, for example to energetic phenomena mentioned above, geopathic stress, underground water courses or power distribution lines, and it is therefore an unfortunate occurrence when a particular building is constructed in an inappropriate position.

There are other sources of inharmonious energy that can affect us and these are often of a more personal nature. For example they may emanate from individuals with whom we have issues such as jealousy, resentment or distrust.

Unfortunate or unhappy events which have occurred nearby or within a building will also leave behind an energy pattern which we may find unsettling.

Over time, we may find that continual exposure to certain of these energy patterns results in a deterioration of our health and wellbeing.

It is therefore important to understand the nature of the associated energies and further investigation will, as a rule, reveal the cause of the problem. It is then usually possible to transmute and in many cases to transform these energies to a neutral (or perhaps less discordant) level, thus returning the area to an acceptable state of balance.

An Interesting Example

Over a period of time a couple noticed that a pattern of unusual incidents occurred in their home. These included failure of electrical equipment, water leaks from the bathroom, central heating and washing machine waste pipes and culminated with one partner literally falling through the ceiling. Each of these events occurred along a line approximately one meter wide running southwest to northeast.

Dowsing with a simple pendulum confirmed the existence not only of this ᥮ergy line⠢ut also a number of others.

Investigations then revealed that energies emanating from other individuals with whom this couple previously had dealings also lived on certain of these lines.

...and a Solution: The e-Lybra Energy Resonance System

Whilst mulling over the problem I came up with a possible counter measure but not being an electronics engineer I did what I am sure most men would do and consulted my wife.

"Oh, that’s easy" said Liz "Our e-Lybra energy therapy machine has a frequency analysis facility that could be used exactly in the way you need it"!

Sure enough it worked and having now tested it on a number of properties, including our own, we have found that it works consistently.

How often do we look for solutions to problems only to later discover that we had the answer to hand?

This was one of those occasions. We have used the e-Lybra System since early 2007 to help individuals deal with a wide range of illnesses and imbalances. We have also used the system on inanimate objects and liquids in order to create essences and gels using the same principles. We had not however used the e-Lybra on the fabric of a building.

The process is quite straightforward. After entering the details of the property the e-Lybra is set to scan a sample of the fabric of the building. The amount needed is very small; a few small chips of the exterior of the building will suffice.

This material is then resonated electronically creating a signature of the sample. This generates an electromagnetic field and a unique energetic connection to the premises which is then sampled and stored on the e-Lybra system.

When the building is being analysed the stored 'connection' is used to receive information and to send patterns across a quantum bridge via an e-Capsule placed within the building normally a few inches from an external wall. The energy surrounding the building and any discordant energy within it are thus brought into harmony and balanced.

This process can be undertaken with us present or by us remotely.

We have also developed a number of additional processes and procedures that can be employed to maintain buildings or areas within or around buildings in a state of balance. These include the use of crystals, environmental harmonisers and geopathic devices.

If you feel that your home or work area is affecting you we can help. Not only will we demonstrate the existence of energy fields but we will show you how to detect them for yourselves.

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