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Hands On and Remote Healing

Kelvin Kellond

Coming from a science based background I have to admit to having initially exhibited a degree of scepticism regarding what is generally referred to as 'Spiritual Healing'. I had however done some research and read a number of books on the subject but had not considered it a subject I needed to be involved with personally as my wife Liz "did the healing and therapy stuff".

In the summer of 2006 one of our daughters called in to see us. Liz noticed that she had an ugly looking graze on her right knee which was refusing to heal and announced that "Kelvin will take care of that". There is nothing like being thrown in at the deep end is there?

I worked on the knee for about ten minutes using a process I had recently read about in a book on healing by Michael Bradford. This involved removing what felt like dark, viscous 'discordant energy' then channelling some healing 'light energy' into the affected area. To be candid I didn't think any more about it as other matters were pressing at the time. However two days later we received a call from Kirsty informing us her knee had healed.

During the course of the next few weeks I worked with a number of other willing 'guinea pigs' and soon realised that I had been blessed with an amazing gift of healing!

I subsequently worked on developing my healing process using Light & Universal Energy. This is a process in which special attention is paid to balancing the Primary Chakras and then working on specific areas of the body that require particular attention. During this process we are essentially exchanging one form of negative, discordant type of energy, which is facilitating the "dis-ease" for another much more positive and creative one.

My healing work also utilises the body-mind relationship. Once we really understand the true nature of the 'dis-ease' and its root cause we can then begin the work of helping the body back into a state of balance from which point the healing process can begin. This is not always a straightforward task as in many cases it is necessary to deal with all those aspects of ourselves that we have spent a good deal of time ignoring!

This work has brought a significant improvement in the lives and conditions exhibited by many clients, including several quite exceptional results.

Please call me so that we may discuss how I can help you. You are most welcome to visit us in Kingsbridge, and if needed I may well be able to visit you. I am also able to work with you remotely and this, for many, is the most convenient option.

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