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Life Coaching - come ride with me!

Are you at a crossroads?

I employ the skills of Transformational Life and Business Coaching in my portfolio. I have always used a form of these methods as it is not enough to explain influences to you. It is much better for you to be personally involved in planning your life.

Coaching gives you this.

Birth charts are about possibilities, your own ingredients used to their best advantage; coaching helps you to find your own solutions through growing awareness and raising aspirations. It enables you to manage your own energies to your best advantage in a seamless way, Coaching is client orientated; the client is in charge and defines the work areas which need attention and with the application of some strategic processes, you can be living your, "Best Life"! The motivation for change can be activated by enhancing the focus on balance and achieving goals. Coaching encourages us to optimise the cycles of growth highlighted by the astrological and numerological analyses.

I have found that some of the best results I've had with clients is to use either a course or just a few Coaching sessions in combination with other forms healing and enlightenment. When you, the client, see where you are; then become aware of where you wish to be and plot your course, the results are dynamic.


Coaching also lends itself to the utilisation of the enlightenment that astrology and numerology provide. We can talk and explain; only you can do the doing, coaching helps to free you from past patterns so that you can achieve your potential through understanding yourself. Often, all that is needed is for the client to take charge of their life and coaching gives you the tools. The word coaching conveys the metaphor of "Movement" and this is what you get! It will support you in achieving a presence which dictates what we receive.

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