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Light - Life™ Therapy

Devised by Slim Spurling (1938-2007)

Light Life Tools

Slim Spurling worked in the field of subtle energy all of his life. Long before he invented the Light-Life™ Tools he gained acclaim as a Geobiologist and dowser. Geobiology, the study of the influence that "Earth Energies" have on every living thing, is based on the understanding that the earth is permeated with energy lines, or meridians, of electromagnetic energy. These invisible meridians pass right through matter and have either a positive or negative influence on the environment including the people and systems inhabiting it.

The Light-Life™ Tools are based on principles of quantum physics, Sacred Geometry, and harmonic frequencies of light. Fifteen years of hands on fieldwork and testing have shown that these tools have the capacity to clear up planetary pollution and restore health and harmony to Mother Earth and all of her people.

Light-Life™ Tools facilitate the clearing and balancing of a multitude of environmental and personal energy blockages and imbalances.

Areas in which we have a specialist interest in the application and use of Light-Life™ Tools include:-

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