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Numerology Chart
"If we can determine a way to express a phenomena in terms of numbers we are better informed, even though, on occasions we may obtain an unexpected result !"
Pythagoras, circa 500BC

The Science for Self Discovery

Life is a journey which starts with our birth, the day on which our progress into the unknown begins. We are provided with many facilities to aid us and our development along the way with the exception of the one basic essential; a map.

On the Earthly plane we have the unique potential for growth combined with free will. It is rather like using a modern GPS which will faithfully indicate our position but unless programmed is unable to tell us the required direction. It will however provide feedback as long as we are prepared to keep progressing.

Though we can never be certain regarding what might occur next in our lives, many of us continue to remain unaware during or indeed after the event. The key to discovering the route on which we are embarked and the lessons we must learn along the way is the Numerological Birth Chart.

In order for us to achieve a well-balanced maturity, we may obtain some additional information to that provided by the Birth Chart in the form of a Peak Year analysis. The object of which is to provide a valuable source of additional thrust at specific periods during our maturing years.

When combined with the Birth Chart this provides an astonishing insight into past events, present circumstances and future possibilities. Our current analysis now includes information about our Karmic lessons making this an exceptionally useful tool for those who are ready to learn.

Each Chart includes an analysis of the following:-

A Birthday or Anniversary Gift?


Our Numerological Charts are not computer generated. Their production is undertaken personally by us using processes developed from leading world authorities. Time is taken and thought is given to providing a unique personal synthesis for your reading. These analyses, (covering 5 sides of spiral bound and encapsulated A4 pages) have proved to be of tremendous value and assistance to many clients.

They also make a fascinating and unique gift for friends or family members, especially at birthdays and anniversaries.

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