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The following have been received by hand, text, and e mail from clients who have wished to express an opinion on the treatment, guidance and assistance they have received.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to contribute.


Hi Liz and Kelvin,

Just sending love and light your way - thinking of you lots. So aware of how much you two do for others - how generous you are with your time and your gifts - and wanting to send something lovely back...

Roz xx

Thanks Liz,

I think there are some improvements, I'm more focused and the fact that I have started looking for work is positive sign. I couldn't have got my head together enough to do that a couple of weeks ago. Also the fact that I didn't self harm this weekend is a good sign, it's been the first weekend for weeks where I haven't hurt myself... I think we are definitely making progress and I feel stronger in myself. Thank you Liz. I can see a future for me now, it wasn't visible a few weeks ago.

Speak soon,
Love Sally. x

Dear Liz and Kelvin,

This is a note to say 'thank You' for Friday.
We really appreciate what you did for us and for Carl...
...So from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best with your new venture and if I can help in any way please just ask.

Lots of love

Liz and Kelvin are just fab! Their combination of caring, knowledge and expertise is powerful and very effective. They make a great team - a kinder, more caring and lovely couple you couldn't hope to meet. Liz especially is the calm voice of reason on the end of the phone when I'm having a blip or when the going gets tough, and patiently and calmly puts me back on track. I'm so grateful to her for all those moments when she's come to my rescue, bless her! The e-Lybra is mind-blowing, and Liz is very skilled at using it. Its been a massive help.

I am so grateful to them both for all their help, and I feel very fortunate to have received it. To me, being a healer is about so much more than just 'doing' the healing, and in Liz and Kelvin you find two people who are true healers in every sense. Being unwell can sometimes be a lonely and frightening path, but the compensation is that you meet people like Liz and Kelvin along the way. They somehow manage to make the world seem just that bit safer, and its always a comfort to know that they are there.

Thank you so very, very much Liz and Kelvin. I will always appreciate everything that you have done and continue to do for me. You're the best!

Love and hugs! and THANKS AGAIN!

Dearest Kelvin,
...I would love to meet you again one day.

May everything about your life, about your moments be enriching and may you discover deeply the Spirit that's within all that is.

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Liz Roe-French's guidance is clear and concise, cutting through to the nub of a matter with good sense and practical, workable solutions.
Judy Hall

I cannot thank you enough for your skill and kindness.

I have received a combination of healing techniques from Liz and Kelvin. The symptoms that I suffer from are long standing and have been with me for at least 15 years. The healing has been likened to pealing an onion- layer by layer.
The first sign of movement was I felt hungry where I never did for years. The next sign was the removal of the eczema on my neck and hairline and then to my amazement the pain in the roof of my mouth disappeared. This pain had been with me for some years; the dentist had never found the cause and thought I ground my teeth at night, so I was recommended a shield to wear over my teeth. I do not have to wear it any more.
My resistances to viruses is stronger now, as I could not travel without being laid up for weeks and this was extremely limiting to my lifestyle, especially travelling abroad.

The doctors said the tumour was not behaving in the way they had expected兮it had, quite suddenly, become dormant.
Thank you.

Carl was severely depressed for eight months, very uncommunicative and according to his mother 'was not on this planet'. After an extended period of treatment using the e-Lybra and other healing processes he called to express his sincere thanks and appreciation for the work I had done and hoped that one day he would be in a position to return the favour.

Whilst decorating the bathroom without my shoes on (in order to protect the bath) I managed to stub my toe against the edge of the stepladder. The pain and subsequent swelling was quite impressive and walking was very painful.
Liz gently applied a Slim Spurling Acu-Vac Coil to the end of the injured toe in order to remove the negative energy that was causing the pain. After about fifteen minutes the pain had subsided to about a tenth of its intensity.
There is probably no better recommendation than that provided by one healer for another. When I first met Liz I recognised that she had something special...I did not at the time appreciate precisely how special.
Liz is just amazing!
Kelvin XXX

Thank you for the help...I have had to work very hard on this...The results have been worth it and very positive.
You are a star!

A most unusual and powerful tripartite healing force:
Liz and her worldly team display expert in-depth bio-dietary awareness of the client's condition, coupled with a fundamental knowledge of homeopathic treatments and the application of crystal therapy.
Merryll and his ascended wisdom provide an uncanny ability to diagnose current problems related to previously unknown or unrecognised incidences in our formative years. This provides the trigger to enable Liz to apply her expertise more effectively.
Bio-resonance feedback analysis could be the tools of the Doctor in Star Trek but it would appear that the e-Libra machine is the third and very powerful element of LizⳠhealing armoury. Her competent background in various aspects of healing enables her to exploit the machine to its full potential.
There appear to be some intriguing forces working together here to provide the client with the ability to realign, rekindle, rejuvenate (call it what you will) and thereby embark upon a fundamental cure. It goes without saying that the client is the fourth and most important link in this exciting journey, a journey I would recommend any troubled soul exploring. Where there was nothing but despair, pain and weariness: now there is hope, energy and prospects to look forward to. I have the utmost confidence in Liz, a delightful person and a powerful therapist - You will not be disappointed!

Liz's varied tool bag of coaching skills, natural healing talents, understanding of astrology and high tech kit; all with the added benefit of guidance from Merryll has meant that she's been able to help me through a wide range of physical and emotional challenges. Her warm supportive and practical approach provides her clients with an understanding of the basis of current situations in their lives, healing on many levels, and step by step guidance that enables you to change things for the better.
In terms of the benefit I've seen, well where to start.... a persistent facial rash that I'd had for at least 2 years as disappeared, a surgical wound healed quickly with no complications, and damage to my lungs following a sever bout of bronchitis, having been detected by the amazing e-Lybra machine, is now also on the road to recovery. In terms of spiritual self development Liz has been there to help me take the positive lesson from whatever life throws at me, and it's been a bumpy road! But thanks to the work Liz has done with me I feel that although the road ahead isn't always clear I can now access my inner strength and choose my own path. Sceptical or not Liz's skills, talents and caring approach cannot fail to help you.
There you go, and I mean every word.
Liz xxxx

Liz Roe-French is an excellent medium, astrologer and healer. Her insights are profound and extremely helpful. I believe that her pioneering healing work with the e libra machine can start to bring people back to their true divine vibration and herald perfect health.
Diana Cooper

I really really value all you've done for me this year.
Trina xxxx

Dear Liz & Kelvin,
Just to say a big thank you for your healing and friendship. I feel very blessed to have you in my life. I am feeling much better and more patient and relaxed!
Love, blessings and much joy
Yone xx

Dear Liz,
Many thanks indeed for today's phone reading. It feels like slowly but surely I am getting back on track. It was deeply accurate and equally helpful.
Best Wishes